Whistleblower Channel

Whistleblower Channel

Whistle Advisor is a way for you to securely report on misconduct at your organsiation while retaining full anonymity.

Your can report on all kinds of misconduct  and nefarious activity regarding public safety, environmental health, public health, consumer safety and public finances, etc.

3 tips to ensure anonymity

Do not make a report from the network at the workplace

Do not make a report from a work PC or work phone

Always use the incognito (private) function in your internet browser

How to submit a case

1. Klik på ‘Indberet anonymt’

2. Giv anmeldelsen en titel og en beskrivelse
OBS! Angiv kun kontaktoplysninger, hvis du ikke vil være anonym!

3. Upload filer eller tag og upload billeder, hvis du har nogle

4. Tryk på knappen ”Indberet”

5. Kopier linket, tag et billede af det med din telefon eller få det sendt til en mail eller telefon.
OBS! Hvis du mister linket, er der INGEN mulighed for at komme ind på sagen igen.

1. Click on ‘Report anonymously’

2. Write a title and a description
ATTENTION! Only enter your contact information if you DO NOT want to remain anonymous!

3. If you have any, upload files or submit pictures

4. Press the “Report” button 

5. Copy the link, take a picture of it with your phone, or have it sent to an email or phone.

ATTENTION! If you lose the link, there is no way for you to access the case at a later time.

NOTE! The transmission to e-mail or telephone takes place via a separate system, which neither we at Legal IT or the organisation you are reporting on have access to. 

Frequently asked questions

When you have submitted a case, there will be a receipt displayed on the webpage. The receipt contains a link, which enables the person who has the link to track the case and submit further evidence if needed. It is possible to send the link to an email address or a telephone number. Information regarding links and which e-mail address or phone numbers they were sent to, are never transferred to the organization you are reporting on. There is no logging regarding the links that have been sent. All emails and phone numbers to which links are sent are deleted immediately after sending.

You can use your case link at any time to see what the organisation has done with the case so far. For example, you can track whether the case has been accepted, whether the organization has further questions, and which individual is handling the case.

You can always add further comments to your submitted case. Commenting and further actions takes place anonymously within the case itself. Therefore, it is very important that you do not lose your case link or share it with others.

If you lose your link, you will lose your access to the submitted case. The case will, however, still be handled by the organisation you are reporting on, and further actions will be taken but there is a risk of the case being terminated, since possible inquiries from the person handling the case cannot be answered by you. However, it is possible for you to make a submit a new case where you refer to the original case to which you have lost the link. In this way, the organisation can link the two cases together, and you will be able to communicate anonymously from the new case.